The Palm Suite

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The Palm Suite
carrer de l’Argenteria 24-1
07001 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

 Home and Yacht Extension in Casco Antiguo

01 The Space

The Palm Suite has been designed by well-known local architects who fused the owners’ passion for photography and graphic design with their unique understanding of this extraordinary urban space.

 This is a comfortable, perfectly maintained home and yacht extension residential and work space mostly used by our family and friends while staying in downtown Palma. The luxurious Palm Suite contains large size original photography, and other carefully selected decorative and collectors’ items designed and produced or collected by the owners. Your linen and several decorative elements are Palma Suite-monogrammed. The suite embodies the concept of contemporary affordable if informal luxury, and is perfectly suitable for short, medium or even long-term stays in downtown Palma due to the state-of-art equipment available in the suite. We remain committed to maintaining the Palm Suite to the highest standards at all times.

Plenty of light coming from both outer sides of the unit.(50 sq.m./540 sq.ft.). First floor. Easy access.

The Palm Suite is an ideal solution for your corporate housing needs, too. Special rates and conditions apply.

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02 The Neighborhood – Casco Antiguo

Palm Suite is located in Palma’s most desirable neighborhood – Casco Antiguo – Old Palma. All the classy shops, trendy bars, fine restaurants, the Tapas Route, etc. are in the immediate vicinity of the Palm Suite. Very easy and convenient access to Palma’s major sites, large and very well-kept public beach, and airport.

No car traffic in your pedestrian street.

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03 Palma at the Palm of Your Hand

We cannot fall in love with Palma for you. But we can certainly help you get there quickly and without much ado. My “Mallorca Dictionary for the Beginners” has become my friends’ favorite reading on the island and many of its delightful if somewhat quirky and idiosyncratic customs. Please, enjoy it, and feel free to share it with your family and friends. Fully downloadable .pdf will be available soon.

Duplex Feature 2

04 Making a Reservation and Enjoying Palma

Palm Suite is in great demand by our family and friends, and we respect the first come – first serve policy. Please, use the contact form below to get in touch with us for all your questions, queries and reservations. Please, download the House Rules at the bottom of this page.

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05 Rates for special purpose stays in Palma are available upon request!

Energy Certificate is available: Plateria 24-1 (download)

The Palm Suite Collection is available: – The Palm Suite Collection

Till soon in Palma!


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Bathroom 10


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Washer & Dryer


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Argenteria24 General House Rules – PDF File! Please download!



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Short and Medium Term Rental Available – c./ Ca La Seu in Palma

Fully furnished, air conditioned, 79 sq m, one bedroom, two bathrooms is available for short and medium term rents. Third floor – no elevator.

Monthly rental: EUR 1’200.00.

All this is included: Community, Water, Garbage collection, Internet Access, IBI (Municipal Tax)

Energy certificate is available upon request.

Please, contact Sara: ( for details!

20150617_104449 a65f16eb_original a87d90e4_original aaf7b917_original b7073c6f_original cbcbc3d0_original d489bca9_original f4b8488e_original 13c4689d_original 023d5bf2_original 45d0d6bf_original 20150316_122025 20150617_103005 is NOT an agent for this property. Please, do NOT contact for any additional information on this rental! has neither verified the rental nor is responsible for the contents of the published information!

Short and Medium Term Rental Available – c./ Sindicat in Palma

Fully furnished, air conditioned, 45 sq m, one bedroom, one bathroom is available for short and medium term rents. Second floor – no elevator.

Monthly rental: EUR 1’100.00.

All this is included: Community, Water, Garbage collection, Internet Access, IBI (Municipal Tax)

Energy certificate is available upon request.

Please, contact Sara ( for details!DSC_0721 DSC_0754 DSC_0709 DSC_0770 20140106_150911 20140102_074411 20140106_115753


DSC_0795 is NOT an agent for this property. Please, do NOT contact for any additional information on this rental! has neither verified the rental nor is responsible for the contents of the published information!

One Bedroom in Santa Catalina Needed

Ref: U88X

Looking for a one bedroom flat to rent in santa catalina, starting from 14 April 2015!

Please, contact if you have vacancy!

(No commission. No Fees. No Charges!)

Thank you!



Seller & Landlord Relevant: Energy Certificates

Energy Certificate is a MUST

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or as it is more commonly known “Energy Certificate” became the law of the land with its publication in the Official Gazette (Boletin Ofcial del Estado – BOD) No. 153 of June 27, 2013, section One, page #47964.

If you always wanted to know how such Brussels mandated legal innovations come into being, the following article may be helpful. Wikipedia – Energy Certificate

More importantly, this legislation mandates that the duty to obtain the Energy Certificates rests with the Owners and Landlords alike, who can be fined if they fail to provide the documentation required.

The lawmakers in Spain and several other EU countries went an extra mile (or two) to make sure that neither sales nor rental contracts can be concluded without these certificates. If the owners or landlords alike fail to obtain pertinent certificates and include them in the contracts they can be fined anything between EUR 601.00 and EUR 1,000.00.

Intermediaries, such as real estate agents, advertisers or anyone else who is taking part in facilitating a real estate transaction as defined by the aforementioned law can be fined for the non-compliance with this legal regulation. The lawmakers thought that any amount between EUR 300.00 and EUR 600.00 of mandated fine would probably stop even the most eager agent or advertiser.

I am sure that we all have our views and opinions on the additional legal burdens imposed upon the architects, construction companies, sellers and landlords these days, when so many people out there are trying to find both decent and affordable housing, yet paying fines, and going through the unnecessary red tape associated with it probably makes even less sense than the respective regulation.

Obtaining the Energy Certificate is both easy and fast. The expenditure involved if unwelcome, is within reason, too. Please, contact me directly for the most recent, lowest rates in Palma. I purchase in bulk, and pass some of the savings to you!

Legal Notice:

Laws and regulations may change. Any statements concerning your legal rights and duties are based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which are subject to change. Legal information has been summarized; an individual is advised to seek personalized advice.

Long-term 1-2 BR in Casco Antiguo Needed

Ref: 6LVM

We are looking for a 1-2 bedroom furnished/unfurnished long-term rental in Casco Antiguo/Plaza d’Espana in Palma.

Motivated tenant will be happy to pay several months in advance

Please, contact for further details.

2 Bedroom in Casco Antiguo/Santa Catalina Needed

Ref: H6Z4

A 2-bedroom apartment in the Old Town or Santa Catalina area in Palma is needed with a large open kitchen plan and an outside space, preferably a terrace. A mix of modern amenities with older character is ideal. The size should be around 90-120 square meter.  a property for rent with option to purchase preferred.

Please, contact for further details.